137: Space 137 Vintage


Space 137 Vintage - Downstairs

We offer personal styling services.. call and ask for Tony or Traci..

Space 137 Vintage.. Clothing NOT defined by TIME or SPACE.. Come check out the RAGE INSIDE THE CAGE and discover why "WE DRESS ROCK STARS!!"

Space 137 is a small family owned fashion focused business where our in-house “purveryors” scour the worldover looking for the hottest fashion trends, the funkiest accesories, the timeless couture staples and the most unique jewelry at the best prices for our buyers. We barter, trade, wholesale, negotiate, buy in bulk, take on consignment, stand in lines all night, fight rush hour traffic, search want ads, go off the beaten path, even into tribal villages to find deals for you! We are your deal finding junkies! If you do not see what you want in our store, contact us as we are sure to have it somewhere in a box, crate, carton, bin, bucket, bag in our inventory and we will be happy to locate it for you. If by some slight chance, we do not have what you want in our store nor in our inventory give us up to 24 hours and we will tell you just how fast we can get what you are wanting shipped to you. Thank you for looking!

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